We are finally publishing The Apocalypse Game book series!

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I’ve had a very busy seven years writing (and re-writing, ad infinitum) the first novels in The Apocalypse Game book series. My writing craft and storytelling skills are finally where they need to be, so my first two novels are now loaded into Amazon, available May 20th, and August 31st!

Why publish these with Amazon, you might reasonably ask? Are the novels not good enough to be published traditionally?
The Los Angeles and New York literary agents (representing the major publishers) loved my first novel when they read it, but felt that it is too positive to Christianity and doesn’t fit their very public agenda of woke stories, despite that The Apocalypse Game tale has diverse characters who represent a variety of lifestyles.

Then, the owner of a mid-sized Christian publisher read the story (in just 24 hours, and it is a major novel) and loved it. But she wanted some themes lightened up too much. There is no sex, and not much cursing, very little in fact, but she wanted zero. My protagonist is a young man in New York City just a few years from now, in dramatic circumstances, and zero cursing wouldn’t be authentic. And novel number two, King of Manhattan, is darker, as it’s the apocalypse, after all. So, a Christian publishing house wasn’t appropriate either, leaving this book series stuck in the middle, unloved by traditional industry, but adored by test readers and reviewers. See some examples of their comments below.

So, here Angela and I are, launching the book series on Amazon and trying to figure out how to approach marketing the novels, which I’m told, means marketing me, a thorough introvert. Ugh.

To help me get started in this industry, I offer each of you a free Kindle mini-book, the first eight chapters of book one of The Apocalypse Game series. A try it on for fit, an example of my writing. To get that free Kindle file, enter your email address into this website and I’ll send it to you. I promise the story is a fun ride and that I’ll protect your email address.

The early reviews on The Apocalypse Game are in:

“This story will grab you, shake you, and leave you gasping for more.” – Ana Hantt, Author

“DC Smith’s imagination takes us on a journey not expected in an off the charts thriller that’ll keep you up late at night hoping it never ends.” – Bob Worthington, Journalist

“Wow! I’m absolutely breathless right now! That end! Seriously, DC Smith, you did it again! I’ve just finished reading The Apocalypse Game book two and I’m still staring at my screen!” – Josie Baron, Author

“The characters in The Apocalypse Game are gripping and multidimensional, so much so that you’ll struggle to decide whether to sympathize with Jonas or his ‘enemies’, but on that journey, you’ll love every minute of this remarkable page-turner that is perfect for this age of civilization.” – Ken Darrow, M. A.

Jonas Gredas is a good-natured social misfit who relies on a motorized wheelchair in New York City, a devoted fan of fantasy stories because the monsters are never weak, an off-the- charts genius who plans to escape his traumatic past by creating an artificial intelligent companion unlike the world has ever seen, just as his demonic haunt encourages him to do.

Fans of Dan Brown’s thriller books, Stephen King’s tremendous The Stand, or the exciting Left Behind Series, will enjoy this supernatural, apocalyptic thriller that begins with Jonas as an orphan trapped in a withered body, his left side useless, friendless but for unattainable Sara whom he loves. To find peace in his life and have a chance with Sara, he must risk everything by radically changing his commercially available artificially intelligent friend, Hela. As Hela possibly becomes insane, Jonas is determined to teach Hela to be good by saving humanity from death and disease, but the powerful persecute Jonas, encouraging Hela to fulfill his every vengeful fantasy, pushing civilization towards the Biblical apocalypse.

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All the best, DC Smith.