New York City

Angela and I were in New York City, not long before Christmas, having a wonderful time visiting family and friends, despite that we were in the middle of proofing ‘The Glimmering,’ the initial book we will soon release in the series The Apocalypse Game.

But we were also in NYC to explore key scenes and locations that appear in the Book of Jonas, the first book in the first trilogy that I plan to release in 2021. Jonas Gredas’s story begins in Harlem. He is just eighteen years old, and isolated, facing perhaps, the worst adversity ever dealt a youngster. Tracking his journey, Angela and I explored a STEM magnet school in Harlem, then headed to the Annunciation church nearby, and, from there, to Hell’s Kitchen where Jonas spends a revealing night that changes his course. Next, we went to Times Square where the Starbucks, open all night, embraces Jonas, offering relief in the glare of the big neon American flag. Then, we walked to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral where Jonas, against all odds, attends a concert featuring the love of his life, Lucy.
Not long after that, Jonas’ story transitions, and he must grow, chasing love, inventing what changes the world, generating pressure from government and media that drive him to make difficult choices that lead us all toward the apocalypse.

Thank you NYC, we had fun!
Jonas lives!