So, I should write a blog

Should I write a blog

What a notion, who would read it?

What a notion who would read it? But I write anyway, as Angela suggests, anything for the story that consumes me, a little more writing from the heart.

Why do I enjoy it so much? No; I love it. When I get a scene right, or a character comes alive, I feel a thrill like I won the race. Plus, what else would I do? Lose myself in the wines of the world, a story with an uncertain outcome. That is unlike The Apocalypse Game where I have an idea where the story will end but not how it gets there. Because the characters surprise me with what they say, do, and how they evolve. So, we will stagger through the maze together, til we find the end.

I don’t know why, but as I sit here typing, with a glassy ocean outside the window, I am thinking of growing up in Kremlin, Oklahoma, a place you’re forgiven if you’ve never heard of. It’s north of Enid, past the bands of cottonwoods, over an ocean of wheat, past the horizon, hang a right, dodge cattle and oil wells, and you arrive. The heart of that place is a wonderful giving matriarch. You know who you are… Gini.

TAG reminds me of the feeling I get when I think of growing up there. We faced the world with our hearts anchored by the love of God, country, and our fellow man. The last time I was in Kremlin, for an all class reunion, we enjoyed country music, baked beans, BBQ, and uplifting conversation. The boy scouts carried our flag as we stood with our hands over our hearts for the love of one another, reflected in the pledge of allegiance and our national anthem. Our. It is a powerful word that lacks division; shoulder to shoulder against what would submit or destroy us.

In The Apocalypse Game, evil has risen and the good struggle to find hope. No matter their origin, skin color, or sexuality, they must come together to survive. Or perish.

Sometimes I wish life was that way. Instead, I have TAG.