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The Apocalypse Game book one.

Jonas Gredas is a good-natured social misfit who relies on a motorized wheelchair in New York City, a devoted fan of fantasy stories because the monsters are never weak, an off-the- charts genius who plans to escape his traumatic past by creating an artificial intelligent companion unlike the world has ever seen, just as his demonic haunt encourages him to do.

Fans of Dan Brown’s books, Stephen King’s The Stand, or the Left Behind Series, will enjoy this supernatural, apocalyptic thriller that begins with Jonas as an orphan trapped in a withered body, his left side useless, friendless but for unattainable Sara whom he loves. To find peace in his life and have a chance with Sara, he must risk everything by radically changing his commercially available AI friend, Hela. Jonas is determined to teach Hela to be good by saving humanity from death and disease, but the powerful persecute Jonas, encouraging Hela to fulfill his every vengeful fantasy, pushing civilization towards the Biblical apocalypse.

This is the first installment in a book series titled The Apocalypse Game. So, why this story? The multitude of refugees, the massive wildfires, the growing volcanism, the oceans polluted with plastics, global warming, endless wars and rumors of war, and the mutating plagues that hover over our families and homes, our endless greed and indifference. We all know, we all do little or nothing, we all wait. And in this kind of atmosphere comes The Apocalypse Game, revealing that the current calamities are just manifestations of the ancient battle between light and darkness. So, are you afraid? Well, be afraid. Things will get much worse.

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