Book Description for The Glimmering

Hand trembling, Evy clutched her father’s pendant, staring up at the mystery that was Sam as he said, “Please, don’t despair, you know that’s how the demons take you. Stay awake until I’m back. Don’t fall asleep, whatever you do!” He gently pushed her away. “Be brave, I know you are.”

In the contest between good and evil there is The Apocalypse Game.

Evy Brown, nearly seventeen, suffers from dark visions, including a peculiar one in which her parents are not her real parents, but rather something macabre and threatening. As the reader, you will discover an original story that experiences her journey as she struggles to understand her gifts, going so far as to wear gloves night and day to avoid what she can’t control. Together with Jak, the boy she loves, she must dodge the city’s corrupt leadership that plans to ruthlessly exploit her when a massive dust storm threatens the city’s existence. As it closes in on them, they will have to run, ultimately finding themselves in a shadowed alternate reality where they are hunted by what they had been sure didn’t exist. Debut author DC Smith delivers a pulse-pounding narrative with heart rending twists and turns that will have you staying up late into the night, unwilling to put the book down. Instead, you might find yourself staying with Evy and Jak throughout their night, in which Evy must come to terms with who she is, who Jak may be, and that she might need to turn to a reluctant shape-shifting spirit named Sam for a chance at hope. This is the first book by DC Smith, The Glimmering, the #1 book of a new series, The Apocalypse Game.